Helpful Waray Words & Phrases

Most people from Northern Samar speak a variation of the Waray dialect called Norte Samarnon. In the towns of San Isidro, San Antonio, and San Vicente, residents speak Waray mixed with Cebuano. The island municipality of Capul speaks a unique dialect called Inabaknon which has Malaysian influences.

Here are some phrases that are useful in getting around. These are understood by all Nortehanons whatever variation of Waraynon they speak.

Nano im ngaran? – What is your name?

Tig pira? – How much?

Ngain ka? – Where are you going?

Diin ini? – Where is this?

Mahusay – Beautiful/Pretty

Gwapo – Handsome

Buutan – Nice, Kind

Pwede tumawad? – Can I bargain? (Used in bargaining for prices of commodities)

Tagpira? – How much?

Oo/Diri – Yes/No

Maupay nga aga – Good morning

Who – Sin-o

What – Nano

Where – Diin

When – San-o

Why – Kay nano

Left – Wala

Right – Tu’o